SEO India Company SeoHawk ( has expertise of more than 10 Years in Search Engine Optimization, SEM Marketing, PPC Management, and Mobile Friendly (HTML5) Website Design/Development.We have specialization in delivering higher search enginer ankings for our clients. Our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing plans are specifically focused upon maximizing Sales, Queries, and Leads. We have been helping our clients to generate more ROI through our effective SEO promotion services. 

Website Marketing SEO promotionSEO India SEO Hawk has 10 Years of experience in SEO Optimization & Marketing. Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing has helped various websites to capture top SEO rankings on popular SE's including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Consult with SEO India - SeoHawk for a complete and customized marketing solution for your business. We deliver Wide Range of Services including:-

  • Search Engine Optimization  - SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing - SEM
  • Social Media Marketing - SMM
  • Internet and Website Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising - Google Adwords/ Bing & Yahoo Advertising
  • SEO Friendly Website Development and Design Services

seo services by seo hawkSearch engine optimization & marketing techniques and strategies has evolved itself over the past few years, and it has become an essential part of internet marketing. SEO Company India - SEO Hawk will help your business website to avail full benefits of SEO Promotion and Marketing. We always keep our client websites up-to date with latest SEO promotional techniques, guidelines and methodologies. This helps to deliver top organic rankings on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

SEO optimization is possibly the finest means to ensure that the website generate maximum clicks and visitors. The company might have a very well designed website with a lot of information, but if the website is getting searched on the different search engines then it is seen that one is missing something very important. Almost every day millions of internet users log onto to various search engines to look for services and products. If the company website is what customers are searching online then it is important to optimize the website on different search engines.

A website that is optimized shall always rank much higher and shall definitely receive more clicks from those users who are using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
With the help of Search Engine Optimization, company can widen their websites horizon by reaching out for wider audiences and users. Some SEO Services Company offer SEO services to clients across the globe including clients from US, UK, Canada and Australia. 

SEO India SEO Hawk offers offshore website marketing and SEO services to client based in US, UK, Canada and Australia. We utilize a wide range of website marketing and SEO promotional techniques to deliver Top SEO Rankings for the clients. The services offered by SEO India SEO Hawk are affordable and economical and are being availed by our present clients. Basically Search engine optimization and SEO marketing are two techniques utilized in web promotion.

SEO expertOur  Internet Marketing and Website Marketing activities are not just focused towards improving your presence on search engines, but also on social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus and various others. Social Media integration into your SEO promotion will help to promote your website effectively on popular social media websites.

SEO India SEO Hawk offers wide range of SEO Services including:-

  • Technology/IT Services Internet Marketing
  • Website Marketing SEO for Hardware and Software Companies in India
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Website Marketing Services
  • SEO for Telecommunications and IT Sector
  • SEM Marketing for Dentists, Doctors and Healthcare professionals
  • Expert SEO Services for Real Estate and Travel Websites

Speak with SEO India SEO Hawk for a free website SEO review.

Google Local Places Optimization is now becoming an integral part of SEO marketing these days. If your business is based locally then you must ensure that your business listing is ranking higher on Local Business search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Higher Local Business Listing rankings require committed and an efficient SEO strategy. Our top shelf SEO optimization, marketing and promotion strategies will improve your website’s Local Listing Rankings, Natural SEO rankings, increase sales and enhance brand visibility. We provide affordable and economical SEO plans to help your website generate more traffic, leads, and ROI.

All our SEO and SEM plans are highly effective and will enable your website to capture top search engine rankings. Our Trial SEO Plans start as low as $55/Month. Our higher plans offer various benefits including Google Local Places Optimization and PPC Management Services.

SEO Outsourcing IndiaSEO Marketing is one of the most economical and affordable ways of generating traffic. SEO Optimization has higher success rate as compared to any other marketing medium online. It can be estimated that 85% of online users locate websites, services, products and several other useful websites through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and several others. Natural/Organic SEO rankings of your website can help you improve your overall ROI.

An offshore SEO company from India can help your website to generate more clicks and traffic. Any company be it small or Large at some point or other needs to share its load of work to an outsourcing company that specializes on certain domain.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing Search Engine Optimization to SEO India Companies:-

1. SEO Outsourcing services provided by India are affordable. There is a huge pool of IT savvy professionals who have worked on several successful SEO projects.

2. India is emerging as a hub of highly skilled English speaking professionals. It is predicted that India would be one of the largest English Speaking countries by 2010.

3. Hiring in-house SEO staff can prove to be an expensive task. Moreover, contract based/ temporary employees do not live up to the expectations. Outsourcing SEO can help you save your cost. These days companies recruit SEO professionals who charge can anywhere in between $50,000 - $100,000. However this SEO job can be handled easily by an SEO specialist company based in India.

4.Outsourcing SEO can help your company to shift its focus from day-to-day seo activities. Your SEO Company can focus on serving customers directly, while an SEO Outsourced company will take care of your SEO marketing activities.

5. Outsourcing SEO to India can help you increase your business efficiency and productivity. SEO India SEO Hawk is a leading Indian SEO service provider. You can mail us your requirement, and we would be most glad to provide best SEO solution.


SEO India

SEO Optimization is about maintaining harmony and balancing various elements in perfect balance for best results. Maintaining perfect synchronization of the off-page optimization and on-page optimization is the key element behind success in SEO.


Local Business SEO

Local Business SEO Optimization is an integral part of SEO promotion these days. If your business is a locally based business, then you must ensure it is ranking on top of local results for more leads and queries.


Website Design India

Popular Search Engines take into consideration various website's design elements before deciding its ranking on search engines.  You must ensure that your website is search engine friendly as well as mobile friendly.


PPC Services

Effective Pay Per Click Management is all about minimizing your monthly expenses and generating best clicks and leads through PPC Marketing. PPC Marketing performs best when it is focused towards lowering daily expenses.

We offer the Best Price & Best Services to our Clients

Basic Optimization Plan

$55.0030 Days
  • 2 Keywords
  • 1 Search Engine
  • Increased Traffic
  • Free PPC Management [20]
  • On-Site Optimization

Local Business Promotion

$19530 Days
  • 1 Selected Search Engine
  • Free Website Review
  • Higher Local Rankings
  • Get Listed in Popular Local Directories
  • Free PPC Management

Mobile & SEO Friendly Design

  • 5 Pages
  • HTML5
  • Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly

Pay Per Click Management

$551 Month
  • 100 Keyword Support
  • Free Website Review
  • 1 Search Engine
  • Email Support
  • More Exposure

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in modern day internet marketing. If your internet marketing strategy does not encompass SEO/SEM as a major marketing platform then you are missing a major share of online customers or clients who are searching online on search engines to find information related to just anything relating from Real Estate, Attorney/Lawyers, Locksmiths, Dentists, Personal Injury Lawyers and many more. There are various crucial elements associated with Search Engine Optimization. You need to ensure that all these crucial elements are in their balanced state. Even if you are having a high ranking website and website which is not loading properly in a modern age mobile it SERVES NO PURPOSE. SEO India SEO Hawk has expertise in delivering best SEO Services to clients worldwide.


Having proper site architecture in place is an important SEO Element which will attract and also provide best content to your visitors. A Proper navigation has to be put into place so that visitors can easily browse through your website while looking for services or products. Our Internet Marketing Optimization Services focus on creation of Creative as well as search engine friendly website which is crucial to the success of your site. Without having an intelligent marketing strategy, any great website will fail.

Our focus is to follow a balanced approach where we address every single issue related to our client websites whether it is related to website design, development, marketing, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, Social Media and branding programs. Having a mobile friendly website is crucial to your success in internet world. There are higher number of mobile device users as compared to desktop/laptop users around the globe. Mobile Industry Giant, Apple Inc announced in Q2 2014 earnings that 43.7 Million iPhones, 16.3 Million iPads, 4.1 Million Macs were sold. You can clearly see the difference between mobile phones, iPad and Mac laptops.

It will give you a clear understanding that mobile is the future of every single business and if your website is not adhering to mobile industry standards then it would not help your business. Despite having a high ranking website, your conversion rates will drop and your visitors will prefer to visit another website simply because your website does not display properly in their mobile device. If your website is ranking on top and your website design does not conform to industry standards, it will not help your business either. You need to perfectly balance various elements of SEO in order to gain advantage over your competitors. Website Design and SEO Services India by SEO India SEO Hawk will help you create mobile friendly and search engine friendly website.

SEO Optimization of your website encompasses various on-page and off-page elements which needs to be balanced in order to rank any given website on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Organic Search Engine Optimization is the key behind a successful SEO program. SEO services help your website to improve its visibility on popular search engines. Every single business website around the globe want their website to be on top of search results for their targeted keywords. However, there is 1 drawback of organic SEO and that is it consumes time and resources to optimize any given website on top of search results. It can take anywhere in between 2 Months - 8 Months in order to optimize any given website on top of search results. However, if you are following a right approach and have hired an expert SEO Company then your website will surely rank on top of popular SE's including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Among these 3 search engines, Google is a clear winner. However, your SEO Activity should not be confined to organic search engine optimization. There are other elements which needs to be balanced in order to get more customers and visitors for your website. Organic SEO India SEO Hawk will help to improve your visibility on popular search engines.

While organic SEO helps to generate traffic, it does not offer quick results. There are situations where business owners want their website to be listed on top of search engine results without going through the labor of organic SEO which consumes lot of time and resources. Pay Per Click or Adwords/Adsense offers a quick way to advertise your business website on top of search engine results. SEO Firm India, BSolutions has expertise in providing Pay Per Click services to our clients worldwide. An effective PPC services will focus on maximizing clicks from potential clients while minimizing day-to-day expenditure on PPC each month. PPC Marketing SEO India SEO Hawk have wide expertise in handling PPC Marketing effectively and efficiently.


Social media is one of the fastest growing sectors online, in terms of time spent and individuals engaged on various social networking sites. Popular search engines including Google have started to take a note of Social Media signals and have started to shift their priority towards Social Media Signals. There are numerous social media sites which offer users and businesses unique benefits of participating and exchanging information with other users and clients. A well-crafted Social Media Strategy will help to improve your visibility on popular social media and networking sites such as and Gone are the days when your website could rank on top of search engines without having a proper social media marketing strategy in place. These days, SE’s such as Google look-out for social media signals to gauge the popularity and authority of your website on social media sites. Popular websites are those websites which are visited by various users and have online social interaction and activity on social media sites. Social Media Marketing Services by SEO India SEO Hawk will help to improve your Brand's visibility on popular social media sites. Our Social Media Services will help to create right Social Media Signals which will boost your SEO Rankings.


Web analytics help to understand your visitors better. It helps you understand where your online traffic is coming from, where they go, and ROI (Return on Investment). There are several analytics tool available in the market, but there are just few which actually give you in-depth analysis of your visitors. Google Analytics is a popular analytic tool, but most of the search engine results will show up without the actual keyword used by your visitor. Popular Browsers such as Safari, Opera Chrome, and Internet Explorer offer users the option of private browsing. This means that their activity will not be tracked by Google Analytics at all.However, you need to use Google Analytics in conjunction with other analytics tool which will help to provide in-depth analysis of your visitors. SEO India Company SEO Hawk can help to install right analytics and provide best competitor analysis to our clients. If you need any help related to Web Analytics of Competitor analysis then do contact SEO India Firm SEO Hawk for a free website review.